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Team Survey
20-20 Surveys


The perceptions of group members create the climate within which work is performed.  How the group perceives communication, trust, mission, coaching, recognition, etc. plays a key role in the team's productivity.   Awareness of those perceptions equips the team to create action plans for improved performance and job satisfaction.  Organizational surveys collect valuable, objective data that outlines strengths, developmental areas and parameters for measuring results.




Number of Statements/

Cost per Participant for Instruments and Scoring

Our Team & My Teammates

Team Members

6 Factors with 60 questions


20/20 Insight Gold-Climate Surveys

Employees, Managers, Teams

Variable # of questions & open-ended narrative questions


Custom Tailored SurveysTeam Leaders & Members

Variable depending upon group mission and needs.

$1000-$5000 per group

Benefits:  Typically organizational climate surveys can be used for

  • Highlighting what is working well and what could be working better within an organization
  • Providing a routine organizational checkup to provide--or compare to--a baseline survey
  • Promoting and fostering teambuilding and empowerment
  • Diagnosing situations that would benefits from organizational intervention


  • Range of operational or behavioral areas to be assessed
  • Depth of understanding desired
  • Number of personnel involved
  • Number of sub-groupings desired
  • Complexity of analysis needed

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