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Survey of Our Team/My Team Mates

Purpose: the increase in development of highly autonomous work teams is creating a need for tools to monitor and manage the internal process.  Our Team and My Team Mates are two matching surveys that give feedback to the team and its members.  They measure:

1.  how closely a team member is in tune with the rest of the team; and

2.  what habits or skill could or should be improved to be a better team and team member.

Our Team assess the self-management processes of the team as a unit.  Team member see how closely their individual evaluations of the team processes agree with the average of the other members. 

My Team Mates assess the operation and group process skills of the individual members as seen by their colleagues.

Target Audience: Our Team completed by members of the Team and up to two other observers (supervisor, client, etc.).  My Team Mates completed by self and up to two respondent groups (teammates, supervisor, etc.)

Factors: 6 Factors with 60 questions



Clarity of Goals and Priorities

Monitoring the Team's Work

Clarity of Personal Goals

Personal Awareness

Team Atmosphere

Tension/Stress Level


Monitoring Output

Newcomer Support


Technical Competence

Coping with Stress/Ambiguity

Management Support


Leadership for Consensus

Pressure on Team Mates

Conflict Resolution



Risk Avoidance

Management Feedback


Negotiating Skills

Acknowledgment of Peer Contributions

Effectiveness/Outcomes  Personal Awareness

Data Display Formats (Client determines which sections to include in the report)

Centile Highlights

Narrative Report

Table of Results

Evaluating Strengths & Soft Spots

Frequency Distribution

Graphic Plots


Cost: $200 per team and/or $100 per team member

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