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Our Approach

Organizational Assessment & Development works very closely with each client -- whether manufacturing firm, business office, research laboratory, or public agency -- to tailor programs to meet the organization's specific needs. Using this unique consultant-client team approach, we build on existing strengths to achieve even greater effectiveness. This means that we involve individuals from key parts of the organization in virtually every step of the consultation process -- from problem analysis and expectation setting through solution implementation. Even the project costs are developed collaboratively. In this way we ensure that our programs are on the right track and find acceptance throughout the organization. Because the clients are an integral part of the team effort, they develop the skills to carry on initiatives we have jointly begun.  This result-oriented approach enables us to guarantee satisfaction tailored to unique client needs.

While certain goals are common to all organizations -- increased productivity, reduced waste, streamlined operations, and maximized return on managerial time -- the best way to enhance a given organization's effectiveness in these areas varies widely. Because we bring a wide range of experience and capabilities to bear on organizational problems, we are able to respond with the right kind of assistance. We know how to look behind the symptoms to find the root causes of a complex problem.

Our collaborative approach also concentrates on improving the selection, leadership and development of people -- the most vital resource of any organization. OA&D can help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve profits with training, needs analysis, assessment, and organizational problem solving. Some of the principles and values that guide our work are highlighted on another page.  To find our more about our collaborative approach, call 540.635.4466 .


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