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Sample Client Reactions:

  Don has been responsible for the design and implementation of the complete Leadership, Education, & Development (LEAD) package; assessment for selection/development, program and curriculum design, delivery of training, individual and program evaluations, and all logistical and administrative responsibilities including site selections, mailings, participant notifications, etc.—delivered on or ahead of schedule and customized for [us].  The program components included use of managerial assessment workshops of over 200 employee to identify potential LEAD participants, development of individual/group assessment instruments, use of individual development plans, eight weeks of formal classroom training, shadow assignments, opportunities for mentoring, a requirement to develop a management study project, and formal presentation to the Deputy Administrators and Staff Directors. … Over the last seven years I have observed Donald in a variety of situations and seen his commitment and caring for all the individuals who have been associated with LEAD.  Donald inspires, motivates and leads by example.  His competence in planning, organizing and executing is unsurpassed….Donald is equally competent conducting stand up training as he is in the analysis and design of training.  He consistently demonstrated his superior organizational and managerial skills by delivering what is regarded as the most important and best-managed employee-training program ever conducted in this agency.  LEAD and its program managers have received more awards and letters of commendation than there is space here to list. 
--Dept of Agriculture Program Manager

  Mr. Dusenbury has fully supported our efforts to systematically develop passport employees, demonstrating outstanding expertise and dedication in the fulfillment of his contractual obligations.  He worked closely and cooperatively with headquarters and regional personnel, held numerous focus groups with a wide range of employees at different regional agencies, and conducted a nationwide training survey.  His success in identifying the technical and general professional competencies critical to successful employees’ performance and recommendations for appropriate training will serve as a valuable resource to Passport Services for years to come. 
Staff Director

  The consultants …. in my judgment, are several cuts above your run-of-the  mill consultant.  Generally speaking, consultants are not high on my list of favorites. On more than one occasion, I have referred to them as charlatans and shysters.  In fact I spent 13 years in the Governor’s budget office ferreting out consulting dollars hidden deep in the exhibits and schedules of legislative budget requests.  The OA&D consultants, however, are as good as I’ve seen or heard of in dealing with management assessment matters.  Without hesitation, I would say we’re getting our money’s worth from this group. --Deputy Director, Operations

Sample Participant Reactions:

  You should all have feelings of pride that you have had such a positive impact on so many lives and the impact will continue to grow as it trickles down to others’ lives.  My best wishes to you Don, Lolly, Barbara, and all the others.  May you all prosper as you have helped me to prosper.--Office Supervisor

  I want to thank you for the program you created in the Management Academy.  The feedback and instruction afforded me has brought about personal growth and development beyond anything I could have imagined.  I have and continue to experience positive things in both my personal and professional life.  Your efforts have resulted in my having an improved and happier life.  I count that as one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  I only hope that someday I can fulfill my potential and do for someone what you have done for me. --Staff Manager

  You, Don and your “crew” have left your mark all over our hearts and minds.  We won’t forget.  Thanks! --Federal Manager

  Subject matter was very useful, and, as always, Don incorporated group exercises to challenge the team.  I walk away not only remembering those ideas, but always learning so much more.  … Don is an effective coordinator, listener, and facilitator.  Not only is he able to convey what he is teaching successfully, but he is able to gauge the audience’s participation, interest and bladder level.  --Scientist

  I am mildly suspicious of consultants but I have no doubts about you.  You worry about everything, always make good things even better, could be making more money by cutting [corners].  You are genuinely concerned and conscientious.  You want us all to succeed and achieve.  I appreciate your dedication to excellence.  --Supervisor

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