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Long-Term Development Programs

Changing adult behavior in the workplace is the challenge and payoff of human resource development. Just presenting training material, however, is not enough. Adults bring different backgrounds, learn at different speeds and internalize training through different modes. To achieve long-term behavioral changes in the workplace, OA&D designs and delivers competency-based, multi-faceted development programs lasting months or years.

Competency-based is an essential ingredient of effective long-term development programs because they must be designed to build specific, job-related skills. In this manner, job relevance can be clearly demonstrated and measured.

Multi-faceted is a another necessity of effective programs because every adult learns through different styles and at a somewhat different pace. OA&D takes the time and care up front to establish learning needs, verify peoples' skills and establish preferred learning styles. With this data, we assemble and tailor a blend of interactive training, on-the-job application, developmental assignments, mentoring relationships, shadow assignments, and self-directed learning experiences to accomplish maximum growth for each participant.

Using these principles of competency-based and multi-faceted programs, OA&D has numerous success stories with groups of managers and executives over the last quarter-century. Pre- and post-testing has verified real behavioral change in the workplace as seen through the eyes of the participants as well as the eyes of the supervisors and employees.

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