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Organizational Assessment & Development provides a wide variety of tailored, skill-based, results-oriented, training courses. Our unique blend of experiential and cognitive learning increases mastery of new competencies to apply in the workplace. Several of our most popular courses are listed below:


 Effective Planning and Organizing (1 day)

 Facilitation Skills (1 day)

 Interpersonal Communications that Work
  (1 day)

 Interviewing for Results (1 day)

 Meeting Management (1 day)

 Project Management (1 day)

 Public Speaking without Tranquilizers
  (2 days)

 Situational Leadership (1 day)

 Mentor Training (1 day)

 Managing Transitions (2 days)

 Team Building (1 or 2 days)
 Effective Decision Making (1 day)

 Accomplishing More with Less Distress 
(1/2 day or 1 day)

 Coaching for Results (1 day)

 Creating a Motivational Workplace(1 day)

Questions about how we can tailor a course for your needs? Call us at 540.635.4466  or send us e-mail!

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