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Specialized APHIS 360 Surveys

20/20 Insight Gold-Individual 360-degree


Purpose: Provides almost infinitely variable feedback on job-related skills or competencies needed by employees and managers to evaluate individual competencies and plan improvements.

Target Audience: Employees or work groups at all levels

Factors: Extremely flexible. More than 1,000 survey questions in 140 skill categories.  Any question can be adapted or created.  Up to four different scales per assessment project.  Respondent media options include paper, internet, intranet, diskette, or e-mail.

20/20 Insight is a multi-rater assessment instrument that can be tailored to fit almost any situation.  Elements that can be modified include the competencies, rating scales, rater categories, individual weightings, computer-based vs. paper-based, and the report formats.  An extensive individual development planning guide is included with the assessment.  The instrument can be purchased for one time use or for permanent, unlimited licensure.  There are no installation or certification costs although the tailoring is facilitated if the user is trained.

Data Display Formats:

Bar graphs



Can be organized into summary information, detailed information, and developmental highlights.

As desired

 Responses can be included after each question or at the end of the survey

Costs:     Individual survey - $250.00 per Individual (includes dissemination, data collection, report, and feedback) <

              Survey Tailoring - $150.00 per hour

APHIS Surveys  - Click here for a tailored survey if you are a USDA/APHIS employee

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