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Survey of Executive Leadership

Purpose: Chief Executive Officers, Presidents and Vice Presidents often say they get limited feedback.  The Survey of Executive Leadership provides feedback on how well top executives communicate missions, long range visions, and strategic plans.  It also addresses how well they handle the complexities of top management, sense the organization's environment, and develop top staff.  It assesses attributes that contribute to the success of leadership.  These skills and attributes follow the sequential process of the Executive Leadership Task Cycle--starting with vision, reading the environment, and having the drive to lead the organization into the future.

Target Audience: Top Management (i.e., CEO, President, Executive Director, SES, Senior Vice-President) in public and private sector.

Factors: 22 Factors with 78 questions on the Leadership Task Cycle, plus 8 questions on Sources of Influence and 3 open-ended questions.

Leadership Vision

Information/ Data Support

Coping with Stress

Managing Complexities

Risk Taking

Organization Stretch

Sharing Credit


Marketplace Savvy

Teamwork Development

Effectiveness/ Outcomes

Sources of Influence

Organization Savvy

Standards of Performance

Cultural Appreciation


Data Display Formats (Client determines which sections to include in report)

Centile Highlights

Narrative Report

Table of Results

Evaluating Strengths & Soft Spots

Frequency Distribution

Graphic Plots


Cost: $200 per recipient (Instruments, scoring, and report)

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